Would you like to give yourself and your family the gift of a toxin-free life?

Ready to take the steps towards thriving good health?

Start with our 7-day Challenge!

Over this 7 day course, you will learn ...

Day 1

What goes in YOUR MOUTH?

Today we look at your all-important nourishment through FOOD

The Pantry Swap

Fruit & Veg

Cooking & Cookware

Day 2

What goes in through YOUR SKIN & LUNGS?

Today we look at PERSONAL CARE

The Label Lo-down.

We go through Make-up, Perfumes, Oral care, sanitary, suncare & more

Day 3

What goes in through YOUR SKIN & LUNGS?

Today we look at CLEANING

Including disinfectant products, the low-down on sanitizers and laundry

Day 4

What about our chidren?

Today we look at 'CLEAN' Kids

We look at their special needs, including their personal care, bedding, toys, snacks and MORE ...

Day 5

What about our Home environment?

Today we look at your LO-TOX HOME

We cover important things like molds, electro-magnetic radiation & lots more

Day 6

What about our clothes?

Today we look at LO-TOX CLOTHING & FABRICS

We cover what to buy & what not to buy

Day 7

Our Water?

Today we look at ESSENTIAL WATER

We guide you through making sure your drinking water is clean, how to choose the best water filters, and how much is enough?